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    Mobile medical services

    Safety. Comfort. Convenience: Mobile Medical services in the comfort of your home or office!

    We understand that adding a trip to the doctor’s office, clinic or lab for blood testing can be hard to fit into your schedule. We understand you want the same blood testing available through your doctor without the wait. You want mobile medical service that is fast, convenient and private. You want highly skilled, certified phlebotomy technicians who come to your location, provide the service, and deliver the specimens to the labs so you don’t have to deal with all of that.

    That’s why we offer…

    Invaluable Convenience for Seniors and Disabled Persons

    We know how disruptive and difficult it can be to get our seniors and disabled loved ones out of their environment to a hospital or private lab. With our mobile medical testing services, our clients never leave the comfort of their homes or nursing facilities to have their medical testing done.

    Life made easy…

    • never leave the house, never look for parking, no waiting room to sit in
    • requisitions are accepted from all Montreal area hospitals or doctors
    • Samples taken to our accredited laboratory immediately after collection and almost all test results are ready within 24-48 hours

    Simple Solutions for Busy Professionals

    In the crush of day-to-day meetings, travel and the responsibility of keeping a business going you might be putting off health matters. We understand you don’t have time to waste in a hospital or laboratory waiting room which is why we come to your office when it’s convenient for you! Our friendly and experienced technician will perform your tests and get the results back to you so you can get back to business- FAST! Our services are available in the Montreal, Laval, West-Island, and South Shore Areas (Rive-Sud).

    The Safest Option for Infants and Children

    No one enjoys having blood drawn, least of all children. And no parent enjoys exposing their children to germs if it can be avoided. With our services, you and your child remain in the safe, clean environment of your own home. You won’t have to take time off work, pay for taxis or parking, drag your other children along or get a babysitter or endure the stress of a long wait. Our technicians are trained to provide gentle care to our tiniest patients making it a more pleasant experience for all.

    Relief for Individuals with Anxieties

    Some need a little extra TLC when it applies to needles. Some people have a real fear of hospitals and lab coats. For individuals with a fear of needles, hospitals or doctors, having medical testing done in the comfort and privacy of their own home, by one of our proficient and compassionate technicians. We remove the cause for stress!