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    Medical Testing Performed at your Convenience


    To provide safe, convenient, compassionate, accurate, timely and cost-effective laboratory services to clients.


    Centre Santé A-1 provides a safe comfortable setting for newborns and children, a convenient service to busy professionals, and an invaluable lifeline for seniors and disabled persons.


    Centre Santé A-1 offers clients up to 10% off private laboratory testing fees. Save the expense of taxi service or parking fees, not to mention your valuable time! Our services are covered by private insurance plans and our prices are affordable even for those without insurance.


    Centre Santé A-1 personnel pride themselves on providing gentle, compassionate service. We understand that medical testing can be a stressful experience and our priority is to preserve the comfort and dignity of our clients at all times.

    Reliable: Safe, fast, accurate results

    Centre Santé A-1 works with CDL Diagnostic Laboratories, one of Quebec’s most reliable and technologically advanced labs, as well as with several highly specialized allergy-testing laboratories. We ensure fast, accurate results that are communicated to your health care professional; usually by the next day!

    Our services

    Centre Santé A-1 offers a full range of medical testing services, including:

    • Diagnostic blood testing
    • Allergy testing
    • Throat cultures
    • Urine and fecal analysis
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Toxicology and drug testing